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Cowl 3

As an avid Jessica Jones fan, (and not to mention I love the crochet Linen Stitch,) I felt the need to make myself a Jessica Jones for Hookers cowl. I made mine just a bit smaller and used only 4 skeins of my March blue bag kit. In fact, since the first 4 skeins of the kit are so light, and I was just itching to see more of that deep blue color, I skipped ahead in my 8 skeins. From lightest to darkest I ended up using skeins 1, 2, 4, and 6.



Cowl 1I love how the colors pooled from speckles to zebra-like stripes.
And then the ikat-like zig-zags of the fourth skein just thrilled me!

Cowl 2

OK, I need your opinion. After seeing how great Pam Holton’s project turned out with the pink yarn added, I was thinking of adding a touch of pink, maybe as an edging on this one. What do you think?

Cowl 4

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