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JoAnnAnn Anderson

Hi, my name is JoAnn and I live in the beautiful mountain tourist town of Leavenworth, WA.  I have been a knitter since I was a teenager.  I taught myself to knit from a “how to” book because my mother didn’t know how to knit.  We have a few knitting groups around town but we aren’t meeting right now because of COVID.  This makes Knit Stars and the Facebook groups perfect for me.

1. Why did you JOIN?
I saw the LoopsClub TOGETHER link in the Knit Stars introduction materials. I decided to join to broaden my knowledge of knitting, yarn and techniques to improve my knitting. I want to expand my knowledge about yarn, how it is dyed and ways to select yarn for a project.  I need a community of knitters because, since my husband died 7 1/2 years ago, I need to see what others crafters are doing and to be inspired to learn new things.  I am retired with some time on my hands.  Knitting is my passion so I long to learn new things from others & to be a part of a community of like-minded crafters

2. What’s your biggest CHALLENGE right now?
My biggest challenge is to finish the projects I’ve started. I knit a lot of baby clothes, toys, blankets and dolly & teddy bear clothes.  I have way too many items started that need completing.  If I get bored with a project I put it aside and start something else

3. What are you most EXCITED about?
I am very excited to learn new techniques and to design my own garments.  I want to learn from experts and I was drawn to the lineup for Knit Stars 5.  I love looking at the Facebook posts by LoopsClub TOGETHER members and I hope to be brave enough someday to post pictures of completed projects. I love to work with wool yarn and hope to learn about other yarns like silk or other animal yarns

4. Tell us about your KNITTING/CROCHET LIFE?!
If I could spend every hour of every day knitting, I would.  I have other responsibilities but spend every night knitting while w arching movies or TV.  I knit everywhere, even standing up.  My favorite style of knitting is fisherman or Aran patterns.  I also enjoy color work, too.  In this last year, I have completed 2 adult sized blankets, hats, scarves, baby booties, a child’s sweater, a mermaid tail blanket, slippers, clothes for teddy bears and American Girl dolls.  Right now, I have baby booties, 2 hats, a pair of socks, a blanket and a sweater on needles.  Most of these are Christmas presents so I need to get a lot done before I start something else.

I’m having fun making hats for one of my daughter-in-laws and three granddaughters – all matching.  I’m making baby booties for my youngest granddaughter Monroe and a Star Wars hat for my nine year old grandson, Mason. I’m finishing up a scrubs outfit for my seven year old granddaughter’s American Girl doll.   I’m making my oldest granddaughter a hat to replace the wool one she threw into the washing machine and dryer. I think it fits a teddy bear now. I’m sure there are more items I have to do before Christmas!

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