Alternative Project Ideas

Alternative Project Ideas

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    One of my fave shows to binge watch is Jessica Jones, and boy was I thrilled to see that there is a crochet version of the Jessica Jones cowl called Jessica Jones for Hookers! 💖

    Here’s another pretty little peach-of-a-project you may enjoy, Peachy Geometric. One club kit will make this lovely shawl!

    For those who want to crochet something a little larger, you can pick up an extra kit and make this little beauty, Crochet Your Fade. (which just happens to be a crochet version of Andrea Mowrey’s Find Your Fade.)

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    Cowl 3

    As an avid Jessica Jones fan, (and not to mention I love the crochet Linen Stitch,) I felt the need to make myself a Jessica Jones for Hookers cowl. I made mine just a bit smaller and used only 4 skeins of my March blue bag kit. In fact, since the first 4 skeins of the kit are so light, and I was just itching to see more of that deep blue color, I skipped ahead in my 8 skeins. From lightest to darkest I ended up using skeins 1, 2, 4, and 6.



    Cowl 1I love how the colors pooled from speckles to zebra-like stripes.
    And then the ikat-like zig-zags of the fourth skein just thrilled me!

    Cowl 2

    OK, I need your opinion. After seeing how great Pam Holton’s project turned out with the pink yarn added, I was thinking of adding a touch of pink, maybe as an edging on this one. What do you think?

    Cowl 4

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    I love how the pink popped on Pam’s scarf. I would never have thought to try it. I say go for it!


    Thanks for your vote, Sherry!

    (So far one vote to go all in and one vote to leave as is…I think I’ll go middle of the road and add just a touch on the edge!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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