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    We are so thrilled that you’re here, and on behalf of ALL of the Loops Troops, we’re all very much looking forward to helping you finish more projects you LOVE!

    One of the most powerful aspects of the Club is access to this amazing, supportive LoopsClub community…and the FIRST step is to say hello and introduce yourself!


    INSTRUCTIONS: Please read carefully 👀


    Please COMMENT on THIS post and introduce yourself by answering these FOUR (4) simple questions:

    1. Why did you JOIN? 🙌

    Tell us, what made you decide to sign up for LoopsClub TOGETHER? (Please be as specific as possible – was it something you saw in a video? Which one? Something you read? Does a specific quote or piece of content come to mind? We’d love to know!)


    2. What’s your biggest CHALLENGE right now? 💪🏽


    What’s your biggest concern diving into this experience 🏊‍♀️ (it’s okay to be honest; and in fact, it’s good to put those fears out there up front so we can help work through them together!)


    3. What are you most EXCITED about? 💃🏽


    What NEW FEATURE of the Club are you MOST excited about? (The more specific here, the better! Getting clear on your goals will not only help you, but it’ll help us better support you as well.)


    4. Tell us about your KNITTING/CROCHET LIFE?! 😀


    Lastly, tell us what you love to make, what you have on the hook or needles that you’re most excited about RIGHT NOW. This is a great opportunity for us to get to know you!

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    Hello all, my name is Ann and I’m new. I joined because I desperately need knitting friends! Years ago I had that at my LYS but now it’s gone. I thought hard about joining last go round and this time I couldn’t resist. Shelly does a great job of marketing this group and I couldn’t be happier. My biggest knitting challenge is an ongoing one, I have essential tremor which slows me down but I will never give up. I just started a wrap using Woolfolk fingering weight. It will take me forever but I love it.

    I am most excited about getting focused; not just grabbing the next shiny object to knit or ending up with a big, mindless stash. I’ve done that and it makes me nervous.

    I taught myself to knit when I was 8 from a children’s knitting kit. I have always been a maker. I sew and design clothes as well. I used to quilt but you know….. knit happens. I am now semi retired and what with covid and all am knitting every day.

    Thank you so much


    Hi, my name is Lesley, I am new joined just the past week. I joined because I want a knit community  and have been reading Scoop since I stumbled across it and the Knit Stars a few years ago. I have completed the Knit Stars and was very excited by all that I saw and wanted more.

    My biggest challenge is arthritis in my hands so I knit to keep them supple.

    I am a little worried about the posting and online computer side of things . This is the first time I have done anything like this.

    I am excited to learn techniques and ideas. After listening to the videos I think I maybe a Love Sweater level.

    My mother taught me when I was 5 yrs. I have been knitting on and off for 50 Years (Yikes that sounds old). I started off in England, New Zealand now live here in Minnesota so I sometimes get mixed up with knitting needle sizes and wool ply and names.

    I have just finished knitted a Sara Hatton Hat  from Something To Knit together, and now have just started a Vanilla Sock. I try to knit daily, mainly in the evening.

    Thank you



    Greetings Ann and Leslie,
    Welcome, My Name is Carla, I’m happy to have you here.  My knitting really took off about 4 years ago when I joined the first Loops Club. Soon I had to be involved in everything Knit! I’ve so enjoyed my time in the club that has evolved into me being a troop member. Please have a look around and post questions or comments here in the forum or online your choice. It’s our members that makes this work, so thanks for being here!🎉🎈

    Mary Kay

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Mary Kay I am a dyed-in wool Midwesterner. I am excited to be a part of Loops Club. The community and education offered through this club sold me on the value of joining.

    I am a relatively new knitter and my challenge is keeping my goals manageable. It is hard not to cast on new projects but I a struggle to stay on task to finish.

    I am so excited to see what I will learn from this club and from all the many members. I would like to take my knitting to a whole new level. I hope to be able to design my own patterns some day. Lofty goal, I know!

    As I mentioned earlier, I am a new knitter. My aunt introduced me to all the fiber arts (crochet, knitting, needlepoint) when I was a child. I did enjoy the process back then, but put it down until college-when I knit a huge afghan-then never picked it up until I was 63. The craft has added joy just at the time my familywas facing challenges with a family member. This grounds me like nothing I have utilized before.




    Hi everyone

    My name is Ginger and I’m really excited about joining this group. I joined only a few weeks ago and so far I’m hooked so much good information. Registered for Knit Stars and saw Shelly and here I am.

    I need to improve my knitting skills so I can fine tune my finished projects. Getting organized and completing projects is at the top of my list.

    My girlfriend taught me to knit and after that I took classes for about 4 years. I’m in love with knitting but can’t stay focused. Really excited about Loops.



    Hi! My name is Jan. I joined Loops Club for the social and support of others.  I have missed going to my weekly knitting group due to covid.

    My biggest challenge now is to try new patterns with different stitches.  Also making my first sweater.

    I am excited to see what other people are working on. Learning new techniques.  Learning to navigate loops site  on the computer.

    By the time I was 5 years old I was sewing clothing and could crochet by sight.  Neither my Mom or Grandmother could read crocheting directions.  I learned how to read those directions in my 20’s and taught them.  Knitting my Mom and Grandmother taught me to knit and purl.  10 years ago I joined a group of ladies at a local yarn shop.  At the shop I learned how to read directions and the world of knitting opened up.  Of course utube was and is a blessing.

    On my needles right now I have Look,Squirrel by Casapinka .  Starting second repeat of yoke  counting out loud as I go.  looking forward to meeting new knitters.









    Hi, I’m Margaret.
    1. Why did you JOIN? 
    I’ve been a KnitStars member for a while, so feel like I’m already friends with Shelley and her Loops Troops. Additionally because, while there is at least one LYS in town here, I don’t find the staff to be welcoming when I go there. The other LYS is primarily focused on sewing so yarn offerings are limited.

    2. What’s your biggest CHALLENGE right now? 

    I have only one challenge: maintaining focus to get projects finished. I don’t mind having more than one project underway, but truly need to prioritize them and keep things moving forward


    3. What are you most EXCITED about? 

    I joined for the camaraderie, for the shopping and for the Blue Bags.


    4. Tell us about your KNITTING/CROCHET LIFE?! 

    I’ve been knitting since I was 10. I’ve never hesitated to try new things and managed to finish them. In other words, I learned by doing. Lately, I’m doing smaller projects, such as slippers, mittens, and patches for a baby blanket, as well as patches from Arne and Carlos’ quarantine KAL. I’ve completed 15 out of 30 of A&C designs. I also have several needlepoint pillow covers in the works


    Hi, Mary Kay!

    Welcome! It’s very nice to meet you! Designing your own patterns one day is a great goal! And you will probably realize this sooner than you expect. We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


    Hi, Ginger!

    We are excited to have you here as well! Helping you finish more of the projects you love is definitely our passion! You’re can do it!


    Hi, Jan!

    Welcome! Knitting your first sweater is a great goal! This great community of like-minded knitters is here to cheer you on all the way! Thank you for sharing!


    Hi, Margaret!

    Welcome to the club! I’m so glad to hear that you have been enjoying Knit Stars! And we are here for you to cheer you on as you focus on finishing your projects! Getting our projects done together is what it’s all about!


    Hello, I’m Angela

    I joined again because I love all the resources that Loops has to offer.   I really want to learn how to read and understand patterns, learn more stitches and build my confidence.  I want to be more focused and complete projects as well as stretch my learning. Learned to do simple crocheting as a child. I have tried to teach myself some knitting and taken classes at the library (pre-covid). So far I can knit, purl, and do a yo!

    My biggest challenge – I honestly think my biggest challenge is accepting that it is ok that I don’t understand something.  With patience and help having the confidence that I will be able to figure it out.  Most patterns still really throw me so sometimes I am afraid to even start.

    I am most excited about the virtual yarn alongs and replays.  I can’t always do the live but did really enjoy seeing the different projects and hearing the ladies talk about their knitting yesterday.  Helped to inspire me to pick up my knitting and join in.

    Working on the Effin Scarf now and watching videos to try to increase my skills.


    Good morning!  My name is Holly.  I joined to get more knitting back in my life.  I had some major life changes back in 2016 and knitting just fell away and never happened.  2020 has made me realize that I need to make time for things I love and to stop and breathe more.  My biggest challenge right now is time.  I am a single mother who works full time and my son is very active in Boy Scouts and is wanting to get on his school basketball team which means that we go (when he’s not visiting his dad) to extra basketball lessons to help him with his goal.  So, I have to find time to knit and this group will hopefully help me to be motivated to do just that and more.  I am super excited to get to know everyone here and to knit new things.  I signed up for the quarterly blue bag so I will have knitting to do regularly.  I also think it’s great that there are discussions about getting out of our comfort zones and trying new things.  I learned to knit at 25 which has been 20 years ago this year.  That’s so crazy to me.  Of course, with my extended time away from knitting I feel a bit like a beginner again but it is coming back to me.  I currently have a knee high lace sock pattern on dpn’s and I just started the Big Cedar Sunset cowl yesterday.  That cowl is my mental break from the chart of the lace and is my first Christmas gift knit of 2020 for my best friend in Chicago who is a Nurse practitioner.


    Hi, Angela!

    Welcome and so glad to have you back! That’s so great to hear that you are willing to accept your progress at whatever pace that happens to be. Some techniques will be easier to learn than others and that’s perfectly fine! The key is to enjoy the journey and we’re here with you!

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