What’s your favorite self-care tip right now?

What’s your favorite self-care tip right now?

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    The Loops Troops bought me some Stress Relief bath salts and lotion from Aveda for Christmas. It smells heavenly! I think they were trying to tell me something 😉


    My Hubs bought me a “Soda Stream” for Christmas…because for years I’ve lived on Diet Coke
    I’m enjoying learning to make different fizzy concoctions to ease my withdrawal from caffeine and embrace my inner bartender.


    Stretching!  I suffer from disk problems in my lower back and have made a daily commitment to stretch my hamstrings and glutes.  Not only is it helping with my discomfort, it’s making me slow down for a few minutes everyday.




    Just want to say Hi to everyone from Northern California. I work at a small hospital that is part of a larger system. We are doing fine. Do to social distancing, my commute in the afternoon is almost as fast as when I come home at midnight! (I work swing shift.)

    Just a reminder, change out toothbrushes or you can sterilize them in the dishwasher or boil them. It does a number on the bristles if you put in the dishwasher. But changing them out every 3 months or whenever you are starting to get over a cold helps. Also, change out your bathroom hand towels often.

    Even though I am still working, my retired husband & retired schoolteacher mom aren’t. Mom tends to sub this time of year. She is busy going through her stash & working on projects she seems to never have time to finish. My husband finally clean out the garage. Easier to park in it!

    I went through my stash. Finally working on some of my KnitStar kits! And Blueprint kits from some of my favorite KnitStars! I send my daughter-in-law (Joplin, MO) any stash I don’t want anymore. She has a group of friends to dole it out whatever she doesn’t want. I am amaze some of the creative things she has come up with over the year.

    Remember the ribbon sweater kit? 1999? My mom sent it to Sarah who made it into a cute pig! So sometimes that yarn needs to be looked at in a different way.


    Finding some quiet time.

    My husband is working from home in my sewing room and there are so many on-line meetings, conference calls and phone calls.  With spending many hours sewing face masks, I’ve been just a few feet away.  Even when I’m downstairs, I can hear some of them.  I’m accustomed to a semi-quiet house.  Prior to the stay-at-home:  he is at the office, oldest child has left the nest, youngest is still home but in college and working part-time.  Having him home is wonderful, but I didn’t realize how much I was accustomed to quiet (I do watch TV while stitching or doing chores but at a very low volume).

    We live on almost 8 acres with a garden, chickens and bees.  I find myself walking outside “to check on things” a little more often than normal.  But that is more difficult now that the heat and humidity have moved in – ha ha – so middle of the day outdoor checks are not as often.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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