Role Title: Memberships Project Manager

Reports to: Director of Operations

Role Type: Full Time

Location: Remote (must be available in Central time); near Tulsa is a plus.

Start Date: ASAP


Loops Productions is based out of Loops, a local yarn store in Tulsa, OK, USA. It has a strong digital presence through its e-commerce site,, its luxury yarn membership,, and its online knitting and crochet event, Our mission is to Knit the World Together™ and we believe in the joy of yarn! We want to help the yarn world lose the negativity, find the positivity; lose the criticism, find the empowerment; lose the disappointment, find the fun; lose the fear and find the LOVE.

Role Summary:

The Loops/Knit Stars Memberships Project Manager is responsible for planning, producing/executing, and innovating projects and promotions for Click Stars Events and This includes leading, overseeing, and managing the Knit Stars Earlybird and Main launches; partner with the Knit Stars Affiliate Manager to coincide dates and resources for affiliate promotion and revenue; driving production deadlines; and overseeing product delivery. This also includes content creation and its ongoing development in LoopsClub and client membership fulfillment.

This person will skillfully manage complex deadline driven projects with both team members and consultants, creating strategic timelines, facilitating cross functional communication and collaboration, delegating tasks, empowering and inspiring team members, getting clear commitments, holding people accountable, and providing ongoing support and follow-up as required.

Core Responsibilities:

Project Planning, Management and Execution

  • Create project trackers and assign deliverables for two primary product lines: Knit Stars and LoopsClub.
  • Provide regular project updates, presenting changes, options and opportunities as needed.
  • Coordinate Knit Stars production schedules with cinematographers, videographers and 8-12 instructors per event.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with third parties/vendors.
  • Coordinate all team members and/or project contractors (videography, customer support, launch management), and assist with travel planning as needed.
  • Track, save and organize all materials in Asana, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Kajabi (including course content and marketing assets), maintains comprehensive project documentation.
  • Oversee and manage annual, quarterly, and monthly content with LoopsClub.
  • Ensure that all projects/courses are delivered on-time and within scope.
  • Communicate project status consistently and raise issues early, including proposed solutions when project objectives or deadlines are at risk.
  • Coordinate implementation of all stages of executing the plan.
  • Maintains an efficient and transparent flow of information between all departments/teams.

Promotions and Product Delivery

  • Load or oversee loading of all content into website student portal
  • Responsible for creation, testing, implementation and optimization of launch opt-in pages, thank-you pages and email campaigns
  • Manage ongoing marketing of existing Click Stars products
  • Partner with Relationship Director to oversee community managers
  • Partner with social media management and Ads management as needed
  • Oversee and coordinate LCT content calendar

Leadership Responsibilities:

Participate in leadership team that conducts strategic planning, goal setting, and goal achievement.

  • Articulate and effective communicator
  • Plan and facilitate strategic planning meetings and contribute input to goals and plans
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to agree upon and commit to plans
  • Coordinate projects, leads and assign tasks, including acting as a liaison between Loops and Knit Stars
  • Surface issues early to the leadership team that negatively impact goal achievement

Drive projects and promotions to fully meet goals and expectations

  • Supervise and manage resources for optimum results
  • Proactively plan, adjust and execute projects, including when business factors and resources change
  • Habitually drive and meet deadlines, including pro-actively revising active projects and agreements for any changes before missed deadlines
  • Reliable and consistent follow-through, forming express verbal and written agreements

Optimize and streamline the Stars Event Process (project template) and Loops Members Process and systems so that it can be executed faster, easier and more successfully, with fewer resources and fewer mistakes

  • Provide monthly optimization suggestions during a Stars Process review meeting (that this Manager leads)
  • Work with Operations/Systems Manager to continually evaluate and improve online workflows, softwares, and company systems

Loops Productions is committed to diversity of all kinds - race, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, gender identity, age, geodiversity - and the inclusion of people with disabilities. We believe we are better and stronger together. Hate is never ok, and love is always the way. Let’s keep working to Knit the World Together.™

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