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Meet the Loops Troops!

The Loops team stands ready, willing and eager to help you with your project, every step of the way!



Founder & CEO

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Has been knitting 34 years and crocheting about 10

Favorite FO: The Vinyarnsa Scarf I designed

Happiest when making: Anything with a glass of wine and friends!



Loops Troops

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Has been crocheting 8 years and knitting for 4 years

Favorite FO: An afghan I made myself using the larksfoot stitch

Happiest when making: Something from my stash and long list of projects



Loops Troops

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Has been knitting since 2006

Favorite FO: “The Last One:

Happiest when: Knitting for those I love!



Membership Manager

From: Piedmont, Oklahoma (OKC Area)

Has been knitting 7 years

Favorite FO: Eyelet Ponchini

Happiest when making: Hats for my son because he loves them!



Loops Troops

From: Poughkeepsie, NY by way of Boston and Chicago

Has been knitting off and on for 50 years

Favorite FO: Ranunculus top

Happiest when making: Anything from a 1-skein no-brainer to a top with 1,400 yards of wonderful yummy yarn!



Systems Manager

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

New to the knitting world!

Favorite FO: A beautiful website and streamlined technology

Happiest when: spending time with family, friends, and my two cats



Loops Troops

From: Little Rock, Arkansas

Has been knitting 14 years

Favorite FO: A red cabled jumper for my granddaughter for Christmas when she was 3. She was so excited to wear it for her Christmas program!

Happiest when making: a garment



Loops Troops

From: Lafayette, Indiana

Has been knitting for 60 years and crocheting 48 years

Favorite FO: Blanket for Zoe with all different colors and my own pattern

Happiest when making: a pattern with a design that I can put my own spin on



Accounting Manager

From: Forth Worth, Texas

Has been knitting 25 years and crocheting 5 years

Favorite FO: The first sweater I ever knitted, for my son’s Halloween costume. It wasn’t the best FO, but it was my favorite for how excited he was about it

Happiest when making: anything that I think the recipient will really love!



Assistant Store Manager

From: Los Altos Hills, California

Has been knitting 25 years and crocheting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving for 12 years

Favorite FO: Annie Modesitt’s Russian Roses shawl with silky “Sanctuary” by Alchemy

Happiest when: with fiber friends and coffee or wine



Project Manager

From: Rio Grande Valley, Texas

Loves all things creative with an appreciation for arts & technology

Favorite FO: mostly everything is a work in progress 🙂

Happiest when making: beautiful, artistic, practical, creative content -aka- Knit Stars!



E-commerce Manager

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Has been knitting 18 years and crocheting on and off since 1972!

Favorite FO: Shibui Pebble Sweater for my daughter. Interesting stitch pattern, fabulous yarn, and flattering fit!

Happiest when making: socks or any other mindless project



Loops Troops

From: Montgomery City, Missouri

Has been knitting off and on for 50 years

Favorite FO: a poncho by Stephen West

Happiest when making: something I want to wear or see someone else wear!



Events Manager

From: Nocona, Texas

Has been crocheting 10 years and knitting 8 years

Favorite FO: How can I pick a favorite? I love them all!

Happiest when making: a rhythmic pattern with challenging aspects so I don’t get bored



Customer Experience Director

From: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Has been knitting 13 years (learned at Loops!)

Favorite FO: Bobbi Bears for my nieces

Happiest when making: something to keep me warm in the winter



Store Manager

From: Kingfisher, Oklahoma – grew up in Colorado and Virginia

Has been knitting since age 6 and knows just a little crochet

Favorite FO: Crazy Stripes Sweater

Happiest when making: something squishy on size 4-6 needles